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We should focus more on HOW WE CAN and less on why we can't


Meet Dr. Heffner

Dr. Heffner has a PsyD in Clinical Psychology and a PhD in Organization and Management. As a Professor in the APA Accredited PsyD (Doctorate in Psychology) Program at Antioch University Seattle (AUS) he teaches courses in Solution-Focused Interventions, Cognitive-Behavior Therapy, Clinical Supervision, Consultation, and Community Psychology. 

His research focuses on how to amplify strengths and build resilience to counter mental illness and improve well-being. Visit the Positive Psychology Lab to learn how the faculty and students at AUS are working to improve the well-being of individuals, families, and communities. 


The Positive Self-Care Starter provides an overview of self-care from a strength-based perspective including instructions on how to develop positive habits that build resilience and counter both present and future stress. Five activities are included. The Positive Self-Care Starter is available as a free download at

Dr. Heffner's new book, with coauthor Dr. Jessica Cowan, The Strength-Based Clinical Supervision Workbook (Routledge), is In Press and scheduled to be released in mid 2022. This new approach to training our future mental health professionals focuses on collaboration between supervisor and trainee and works to build competence and confidence. The book can be purchased at

Blog Posts

Dr. Heffner founded in 1999 and it has grown into one of the largest, most comprehensive, and most cited psychology websites in the world. You can browse his posts at

Presentations / Trainings

Dr. Heffner has been involved in higher education for over 25 years. He has worked in undergraduate and graduate programs in both psychology and business, serving in a variety of roles including Professor, Faculty Chair, Program Director, and Department Dean.

He has developed and presented graduate level and post-graduate training programs for these organizations:

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